Female Ejaculation

Few men know about it, more women do but most either do not know what to do with it or feel ashamed about it: female ejaculation. Not all women can do it and the way they do and (and the amount of fluid they produce) may be very different. The amount of fluid may vary from just a few drops to a mug full. You need a little technique to get it done, but first you need to understand it.

Female ejaculate is worked up in the spongy area around the female urethra, better known as the G-spot. It is located at the upper part of the vagina, just behind the entrance. A woman or girl may have trouble finding it because it is not an easy spot to locate by yourself, but your partner will almost immediately identify it because it actually feels like a little sponge. When stimulated, this little sponge will fill itself with fluid. To the novice woman, the first time she ejaculates feels like she is letting her urine flow because it originates almost from the same spot. Do not worry, it is impossible to urinate while having an orgasm (the urethra will temporarily closes up) so whatever it is you are doing, it is not urinating.

The G-spot

The G-spot is the area 1 to 1.5 inches accross and located about two fingerjoints deep into the vaginal entance. Its sensitivity to stimulation was first discovered by Ernst Grafenstein (the G-spot is named after him) in 1950. As a result of direct stimulation the spot, that works like a sponge, will itself with fluid. To date it is unknown what these fluids are, where exactly they originate from or what their exact function is. However, they are neither urine nor vaginal fluids and have no lubricating effect. A G-spot orgasm, combined with ejaculation, is much like the male orgasm, including the physical fatique and the need for a refractory period. The ejaculate will come out in different flows – different women have different amounts of flows and the amount of ejaculate is very individually determined. Science has different opinions on the question if all women have a G-spot and if all are capable to ejaculate.

Stimulating the G-spot to the level where it will ejaculate requires three major items: time, tender play and (usually but not always) vaginal fist-fucking. What you do is you start with stimulating the G-spot (which to some women is even more exciting than stimulating the clitoris) with your fingers and slowly and tenderly work your way to the point where you can slip your hand into the vagina (wear latex gloves at all times, not only to protect yourself but also to protect the tender inner vaginal tissue and use lots and lots of lubricant). A good tip when you are using lubricant in and around the vagina is to warm it slightly before applying it. It is cold as it comes straight out of the dispenser, which to most women is very uncomfortable on the warm, tender and highly stimulated vagina. Simply have the dispenser ready, but floating into a bowl of warm water so it will warm up while you are playing.

Once you are in, stimulate and stimulate and stimulate (literally pump up the volume) until you feel the vaginal muscles contracting around your wrist (the first sign of an orgasm coming up). That is the signal to change position. Leave four fingers in the vagina and lay your thumb over the clitoris. Now simply squeeze the G-spot from behind and – like you were pressing an orange or a lemon – you will squeeze out the liquid.

Whatever you do now: DON’T STOP! The orgasm will not only be very, very, very intense, it will also revolve. Let it come and come and come again until your sub tells you to stop. This revolving orgasm may very well last for ten to fifteen minutes. Squeeze out the liquid, ease up a little and when the next wave comes up, squeeze againalso revolve. Let it com

A couple of useful tips:

1.If the both of you are into bondage: by all means tie your girlfriend down. The movements will be extremely strong, unexpected, uncontrolled and sometimes can be spasmodic. This really is an orgasm like she has never had before.

2.Spread the bed with lots and lots of towels, because you do not know how much fluid may come out, but there’s a fair chance it will easily fill up two or three layers of towel.

3.Be careful and think about safe sex. The fluid may spray around like a fountain and may spray as far as your partner’s knees and about half a yard high. Do not worry. The fluid may contain the HIV-virus but this is killed within seconds after it has left the body and exposed to a temperature lower then the average body temperature.

4.Be careful about your own fingers. The orgasmic contractions may come to the level of contractions when a woman is giving birth. This can be a very painful experience to the fisting Dom. If you can not stand it anymore, remove a finger but do not remove your hand. No pain, no gain, even for a dominant sometimes

If this is new to you remember that there is a good chance your partner may feel ashamed, the first time she experiences this. It is very, very intimate, not only the ejaculation itself, but also the intensity of the orgasm. Be prepared for shouting, yelling and possibly animal-like roars and DO comfort your bottom immediately afterwards. Have a drink ready, because she probably will be very thirsty and cover her a.s.a.p. to avoid her catching a cold. Also remember that she will probably feel the presence of her vagina very intense for the next two or three days as well, which will make her feel confused and vulnerable. Keep in mind that many women do not know about the vaginal orgasm. They are often only used to the clitoral (external) orgasm. An internal one (inside your body) is quite different. The first time this may take some time to explore and accept. But once you are into it nothing – repeat nothing – feels more intense. From a dominant point of view: if you are looking for submission, here is the point where it literally does not matter to most women what you do with them, as long as you do something.

How to Make Money with Meet and Bang Sites?

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In terms of actual performance, it’s anybody’s guess. The whole business model is pretty straightforward. You join, and you pay a monthly fee, every single month. Now, some websites cut corners and try to fool you into thinking that you’re attracting a lot of chicks. But what they’re really doing is that they’re sending you messages from fake profiles so you can remain a member for a much longer period of time.

You see, most of these websites operate on automated billing. If you don’t do anything, your credit card will continue to get charged month after month. If you’re a very busy person and you’re not really paying close attention to your credit card statement, that billing can go on for a very, very long time.

As far as adult date sites go, those were the golden years because you can’t pull that shit anymore. Thanks to changes in Visa and Mastercard rules, automated billing is a little bit more trickier and this is the biggest hurdle with making money with meet for sex websites.

Coming close behind it, of course, is the issue of saturation. A few years ago, it seems like everybody and his dog is starting an online dating site. As you can probably imagine, this did not have a very positive effect on the potential users of these sites’ perception of the value of these sites.

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