Cougars love to experiment

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. I love to have kinky sex. Doing the vanilla stuff is just boring to me. I’d almost prefer to not bother having sex at all. My big problem has always been trying to find girls who wanted to experiment with me. They were a very difficult thing for me to find. All of the girls my age just wanted to lie on their backs and have me pound away at them until they came. It was boring as all hell. I thought I was crazy for not liking sex as much as everyone else.

Then I met her

My feelings of insanity started to wane when I met Michelle via CougarSex. She was much older than me, but things clicked the instant we started talking. She was a professor at my college and I just happened to meet her at a coffee shop.

I had no idea she was a teacher at the time. In fact, she didn’t know I was a student. We were just two people who happened to strike up a conversation. One thing led to another and I found myself in her house, talking to her on the sofa.

I could tell she was into me

It wasn’t hard to figure out. I knew all of the body language clues. I could have fucked her any time I wanted. The problem was that I dreaded the entire ordeal. I would take her right on that sofa in the same way I had taken so many other girls. I would just be going through the motions. She would be satisfied but I would be wondering how long it would be before it ended. Maybe she sensed my existential crisis because she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom.

She changed my life

She very sweetly sat me down on the bed and gave me a kiss. I was getting ready for the disappointment. She got down on her knees in between my thighs. At least things would start off with a blowjob. She leaned forward and rested her head on my crotch. It turned out she wasn’t getting ready to suck me. She was simply reaching under the bed for her rope and handcuffs. She sat up with a giant grin on her face and asked me if I wanted to go first. That was the best sex of my life.