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I told her “Fine Im not busy, I can meet you there in about 10 minuets”

I was a little suspicious. Jo-Anne usually takes no part in any upkeep on the vehicles, making me take them one at a time to the local self serve car wash. But if she was willing to help out I was all for it.

She met me in the Supper Suds driveway. Rolling down her window she said “I will pull into one of the bays. You pull into the next bay over.”

I watched as she took a bay in the middle. I pulled in the one next to it. Getting out of the truck I walked to the bay she was in.

My mind and body were jolted when I came around the corner and saw my beautiful wife standing there wearing the shortest black skirt I had ever seen her in.

The skirt, which must have been new, barely covered her nicely rounded ass. Her legs looked so incredible that it took me a moment to notice the skirt wasnt all that was out of the ordinary. She was wearing one of my white tank top tee-shirts. As she turned to face me my eyes were riveted to her erect nipples their outline barely visible through the light weight material of her shirt.

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I had never been one for those online dating sites. Spam mail and pop-up add were the bane of my internet existence and they were the leading culprits. In addition, I’m still young, just twenty-two at the time and not in any hurry to get married or even necessarily enter a serious relationship. My roommate at the time, however, was a different story.

Just graduating with a music education degree and being offered a job in the area, he decided to give it a try. A few weeks later he met a beautiful woman who he has since married. After his continues pushing and prodding for me to give it a try, I gave in and filled out a profile. At this point I should note that the chosen site was not one focused on sex, but rather that of developing relationships. For this reason, I filled the profile out completely honestly (probably a rarity on these sites). I even uploaded a few photos of myself playing the saxophone a local bar.

After completing all this I started to browse the local profiles. Now this site allowed you to “wink” to any of the other profiles for free; so I did this. I sent winks to about ten girls. These were girls that the site recommended I try to make contact with. One girl responded with a “wink” within the next day. Her screen name was Angeleyes. After looking at her profile again, I became extremely intrigued. She said she was 5’1 with an average build.

Now I’m not a small guy; I’m 6’3 and have not weighed less then 200 since I was 18. I have, however, always had a thing for short, petit girls. She said she had brown hair and brown eyes. She also stated that she was a history grad student at the local university. Intelligence and the ability to hold a conversation have always been high on my list of requirements for a girl. Naturally, this made me very happy.