Amateur Couple Sex On Cam

Real amateur couples having sex. Well that is nothing new you might think. But there is a twist. Not only can you watch them live on webcam from inside their private bedrooms, you can actually direct what is going on in there.

You can get downright dirty with thousands of amateur sex couples from around the world brought together by sexcamgold to entertain and get off. Sexy stuff. Hard action and endless orgasms!

Controlling Amateur Sex Cams

How does controlling the amateur sex sessions work ? There are several ways in which you can interact and directly control the action, the emotions and the sensations

The first way works like you see in the “Menu Card” below where a Lovense sex toy is directly connected from the pussy of the sexy cam girl to the tip jar. You choose a level from the menu and the Lovense toy instantly and automatically starts vibrating the camgirls pussy to levels you have specified, check out an example here (Do not worry, the amounts are tokens – not dollars):

■ Level 1 – Tip (1-14) 3 seconds (Low vibrations)
■ Level 2 – Tip (15-99) 5 seconds (Medium vibrations)
■ Level 3 – Tip (100-499) 8 seconds (Medium vibrations)
■ Level 4 – Tip (500-999) 10 seconds (High vibrations)
■ Level 5 – Tip (1000 – 1000+) 15 seconds (High vibrations)

Sexy Fortune Wheel

Another version of the “Menu Card” is more attuned to fans of specific sexcam models and couples. In this version you spin the wheel of fortune by adding tokens to it. It is then entirely up to your great fortunes which reward is drawn for you.

The possible rewards are defined by each sex cam girl, so what you get will always be something you like – if you are a fan of that hottie. Here is an example of a contest menu from a sexy cam couple:

Roll 1 – lick nipples
Roll 2 – fuck fingers pussy and ass at the same time
Roll 3 – flash boobs
Roll 4 – lick dick/domi
Roll 5 – 5 hard slap asshole
Roll 6 – flash (you choose what)
Roll 7 – spread ass
Roll 8 – pussy close up
Roll 9 – play with tits
Roll 10 – lick balls/finger pussy
Roll 11 – finger fuck ass
Roll 12 – spank pussy and finger fuck
Roll 13 – fuck ass 5 mins w (RARE)

Whatever you roll, that is what will happen. You can obviously keep rolling if you´re crazy to see her pussy spanked or fucked in the ass !

Sex Camgirl Menucards

Of course. You may also simply want to presented with an old-fashioned menu card. That too is available and defined by each camgirl herself – so if shes kinky it will be loaded with fetishes, if shes loves fucking on cam … well you can guess the rest

Below is an example of a sexy menu card from ryanandemily on chaturbate – they are basically at your beg and call to perform, interact and engage!

Tip Menu: Make out(12) | show feet(21) | 3 spanks (you pick who)(27) | brief pm session(29) | show/massage boobs(33) | 2 dick slaps(41) | kitty close up(42) | tickle (u pick)(46) | doggy pose close up(47) | deepthroat (1x)(48) | 2 min finger her(58) | oil boobs or ass(62) | footjob(66) | 2 min eat her out(72) | titty fuck(78) | 2 min blowjob(88) | 2 min 69(98) | 4 min butt plug(123) | 2 min sex (pick position)(179)