Wet T-Shirts and Voyeurs

Jo-Anne called my cell phone saying “My car is so dirty I am embarrassed to be seen in it. Why dont I meet you at the car wash and you can wash both my car and your truck and at the same time.”

I told her “Fine Im not busy, I can meet you there in about 10 minuets”

I was a little suspicious. Jo-Anne usually takes no part in any upkeep on the vehicles, making me take them one at a time to the local self serve car wash. But if she was willing to help out I was all for it.

She met me in the Supper Suds driveway. Rolling down her window she said “I will pull into one of the bays. You pull into the next bay over.”

I watched as she took a bay in the middle. I pulled in the one next to it. Getting out of the truck I walked to the bay she was in.

My mind and body were jolted when I came around the corner and saw my beautiful wife standing there wearing the shortest black skirt I had ever seen her in.

The skirt, which must have been new, barely covered her nicely rounded ass. Her legs looked so incredible that it took me a moment to notice the skirt wasnt all that was out of the ordinary. She was wearing one of my white tank top tee-shirts. As she turned to face me my eyes were riveted to her erect nipples their outline barely visible through the light weight material of her shirt.

Jo-Anne has beautiful tits. I have often tried to convince her that she should wear more reviling tops, letting more men get the enjoyment that comes from looking down a womans shirt. Despite my pleas, until today, she has always worn a bra when going out.