Fun In The Car

We’re in the car on the way somewhere. The roads are quiet and I’m talking to you to make sure you stay awake. As we get about halfway there, you decide it’s time for a “rest”. We’d been discussing what I have planned for you when we get where we’re going. I hadn’t noticed how horny the conversation we’d been having had gotten you. You seem to know just the right spot to pull off.

The spot you’ve picked is lit up yet we’re unlikely to be seen. You stop the car, turn and look at me. You pull me close, just holding me in your arms before pulling back and kissing me passionately. Your hands run down my back and sides. Down…. down… until you get to that handle for the seat, knocking it right back as far as it will go, almost laying me on my back. Still kissing me, you slide yourself over so that you’re laying at my side. Well, as much as we can whilst in the car. Again, you let your hands roam over my body, teasing my nipples and clit through my clothes. You start to undo my trousers but I stop you.

Somehow, we move around so that you’re now underneath me and I’m now able to partially undress you. I start to undo your trousers. You lift your hips so I can pull your trousers down, revealing your cock in all its glory. I move myself over so I’m sitting more in the drivers seat. I return to kissing you and my hands return to your chest, lifting your top up and off, leaving you almost naked.

I begin to kiss my way down your chest to your belly button and lower. Kissing your cock, taking the head in my mouth, licking softly round it as I use my hand to wank you. At the same time, I slowly suck and lick, building up speed and taking more and more into my mouth. Taking you in and out, working up and down, as I continue to suck and wank you right there in the car. You move your hips in time with my movements on your cock. I’m bringing you close to cumming yet I give no signs of stopping. You ask if I’m sure but I just carry on, not stopping to answer you. Letting the saltiness slide down my throat. Swallowing your delicious cream right down!