How to Make Money with Meet and Bang Sites?

Meet and bang sites or adult dating sites are nothing new. In fact, the first adult sex dating site was launched a few years after the commercialization of the internet. As you probably already know, the internet became a commercial hit around the years 1995 and 1996. In the beginning, it was very easy for these adult dating sites to make a lot of money because they were few and far between. There was a big novelty factor to joining a website that is dedicated to getting you laid. At least that’s what it says on the site’s sales page.

In terms of actual performance, it’s anybody’s guess. The whole business model is pretty straightforward. You join, and you pay a monthly fee, every single month. Now, some websites cut corners and try to fool you into thinking that you’re attracting a lot of chicks. But what they’re really doing is that they’re sending you messages from fake profiles so you can remain a member for a much longer period of time.

You see, most of these websites operate on automated billing. If you don’t do anything, your credit card will continue to get charged month after month. If you’re a very busy person and you’re not really paying close attention to your credit card statement, that billing can go on for a very, very long time.

As far as adult date sites go, those were the golden years because you can’t pull that shit anymore. Thanks to changes in Visa and Mastercard rules, automated billing is a little bit more trickier and this is the biggest hurdle with making money with meet for sex websites.

Coming close behind it, of course, is the issue of saturation. A few years ago, it seems like everybody and his dog is starting an online dating site. As you can probably imagine, this did not have a very positive effect on the potential users of these sites’ perception of the value of these sites.

The more players enter a market, the higher the likelihood that the market will get a black eye. Why? It only takes one bad experience for people to dismiss a whole industry. Make no mistake about it, there is no shortage of free sex sites that rip off people. They make all sorts of claims and they fail to deliver. Except some of course and I was lucky enough to find one;