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Latina Layla Rose First Photoshoot

It was easy. All I did was answer the ad and make the phone call. Within two days I was there, actually doing it. Of course, I was nervous, but I kept that to myself. It was exactly as I thought it would be and at the end of it all, I felt okay with what I did.

They told me to be natural, be myself, so I did. It was an apartment on the other side of town. It was mid-summer so I just wore a skirt and midriff top over my underwear. I knew that I had to strip, because that was what they wanted if they accepted me I thought.

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I rang the doorbell and this guy answered. He was in his thirties and pretty good-looking. He asked me in and all it seemed was a normal dwelling apartment, nothing different. Of course I expected some kind of studio set up. In a way it was better the way it was because it made me feel more relaxed.

In the living room there was this younger guy sitting in an armchair playing around with his camera. I knew he had to be the photographer and he seemed less friendlier than the older guy, more interested in his camera than me, but I was fine with that. He was cute but not as good looking as the other, who offered me coffee brought in on a tray with real cream and sugar.

“Sit down. Tell us about yourself Layla Rose. I take it Layla Rose is your real name?” the older guy asked. My name was real and I wondered if some models actually gave false or made up names in this game? I told him it was real and he was cool with that. Then I told him my age, adding two years and what I did, which was real too. I was a store clerk and for a first job ever I was happy with that but wished for a better future, obviously.

“Well, Layla Rose. You know why you’re here this morning?” he asked. I knew exactly why I was there. I told him I had heard of these interviews before and what I had to do. He smiled and scratched his head. “Well, atleast you understand what we want from you.” He said, pouring my coffee. “Sometimes the young ladies expect different things or either they change their minds on a second thought.” He handed me the cup and saucer. “Somehow I knew you’d be more understanding of this business.”
“So, do you get many dropping by?” I asked. The younger guy got up out of the armchair and set up a video cam on a tripod. “By the way, what are your names?” I noticed how quickly he brought the camera out from behind the chair all ready and waiting, hidden from view at first. The set up was exactly as I expected.

“Oh I’m so sorry, forgive me Layla Rose. I’m Joe this is Michael, my assistant.” We shuck hands, but Michael remained busy focusing the camera on me. The image came up on the TV screen in the corner of the room. “You look really good on video Layla Rose.” Joe remarked. I thanked him for his comment. Out of the two of them Michael was beginning to make me feel weird. I hated quiet geeky guys. But as long as he remained behind his camera, I felt fine.

“Okay, Layla Rose. Just relax and sit back and answer a few more questions.” Joe said with a smile. I sat back into the couch and waited. “You can move your hands from your knees it looks much better.” I did as he asked. “Maybe open your thighs a little?” And so I did, noticing Michael lift the camera from the tripod and holding it so as to zoom in on my thighs. Suddenly I felt the focus of attention as things began to open up. He wanted my crotch and so I yielded to the lens as he zoomed in close, then up over my body to my face. “You look really hot on screen Layla Rose, I’m impressed.” Joe told me. “So are you still a virgin or are you experienced with sex?”

“Oh I’m experienced.” I replied. “I’ve had a few boyfriends since high school.”

“Did they all satisfy you? Any really mature experiences?”

“A few. The oldest guy I had had been in his early thirties.” I smiled and he reacted as I expected.

“Like me you mean?”

“Yes, sort of like you.” I began to play to the camera and Joe by now. I loved role-playing and this was for real. I just wondered how far Joe would want to go. The interview had begun and I could see that he was getting excited and so was Michael as he zoomed in on my breasts. “Do you like me?” I asked.

“I think you are beautiful. This interview is going well. Why not take off your top and relax a little more? Let the camera see what your hiding under there.” And without hesitation I lifted off my top revealing my half-cup bra. “They look really nice Layla Rose. Absolutely splendid. What size are you?”

“Thirty two B.” I replied, keeping my smile fixed at the camera lens, before looking Joe directly in the eyes and asking, “Do you like them?” He hummed his reply and Michael zoomed in further. The quiet guy too was starting to get excited I noticed as I looked back into the lens running my fingers beneath my bra seductively.

“You’re a natural Layla Rose. You certainly know how to play up to the camera. Want to remove the bra so we can get a better look?” Joe asked. Then I put my shy expression on before reaching back to unclasp. “You’re teasing us Layla Rose. That is really something.” He said. I just let it fall, exposing my nipples and I think they realised there and then, I too was enjoying getting turned on. “I bet your getting nice and wet too.”

See what happens next with the Latin Layla Rose First Photoshoot erotic story at the Adult List library.

Cougars love to experiment

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. I love to have kinky sex. Doing the vanilla stuff is just boring to me. I’d almost prefer to not bother having sex at all. My big problem has always been trying to find girls who wanted to experiment with me. They were a very difficult thing for me to find. All of the girls my age just wanted to lie on their backs and have me pound away at them until they came. It was boring as all hell. I thought I was crazy for not liking sex as much as everyone else.

Then I met her

My feelings of insanity started to wane when I met Michelle via CougarSex. She was much older than me, but things clicked the instant we started talking. She was a professor at my college and I just happened to meet her at a coffee shop.

I had no idea she was a teacher at the time. In fact, she didn’t know I was a student. We were just two people who happened to strike up a conversation. One thing led to another and I found myself in her house, talking to her on the sofa.

I could tell she was into me

It wasn’t hard to figure out. I knew all of the body language clues. I could have fucked her any time I wanted. The problem was that I dreaded the entire ordeal. I would take her right on that sofa in the same way I had taken so many other girls. I would just be going through the motions. She would be satisfied but I would be wondering how long it would be before it ended. Maybe she sensed my existential crisis because she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom.

She changed my life

She very sweetly sat me down on the bed and gave me a kiss. I was getting ready for the disappointment. She got down on her knees in between my thighs. At least things would start off with a blowjob. She leaned forward and rested her head on my crotch. It turned out she wasn’t getting ready to suck me. She was simply reaching under the bed for her rope and handcuffs. She sat up with a giant grin on her face and asked me if I wanted to go first. That was the best sex of my life.

Fun In The Car

We’re in the car on the way somewhere. The roads are quiet and I’m talking to you to make sure you stay awake. As we get about halfway there, you decide it’s time for a “rest”. We’d been discussing what I have planned for you when we get where we’re going. I hadn’t noticed how horny the conversation we’d been having had gotten you. You seem to know just the right spot to pull off.

The spot you’ve picked is lit up yet we’re unlikely to be seen. You stop the car, turn and look at me. You pull me close, just holding me in your arms before pulling back and kissing me passionately. Your hands run down my back and sides. Down…. down… until you get to that handle for the seat, knocking it right back as far as it will go, almost laying me on my back. Still kissing me, you slide yourself over so that you’re laying at my side. Well, as much as we can whilst in the car. Again, you let your hands roam over my body, teasing my nipples and clit through my clothes. You start to undo my trousers but I stop you.

Somehow, we move around so that you’re now underneath me and I’m now able to partially undress you. I start to undo your trousers. You lift your hips so I can pull your trousers down, revealing your cock in all its glory. I move myself over so I’m sitting more in the drivers seat. I return to kissing you and my hands return to your chest, lifting your top up and off, leaving you almost naked.

I begin to kiss my way down your chest to your belly button and lower. Kissing your cock, taking the head in my mouth, licking softly round it as I use my hand to wank you. At the same time, I slowly suck and lick, building up speed and taking more and more into my mouth. Taking you in and out, working up and down, as I continue to suck and wank you right there in the car. You move your hips in time with my movements on your cock. I’m bringing you close to cumming yet I give no signs of stopping. You ask if I’m sure but I just carry on, not stopping to answer you. Letting the saltiness slide down my throat. Swallowing your delicious cream right down!

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Jo-Anne called my cell phone saying “My car is so dirty I am embarrassed to be seen in it. Why dont I meet you at the car wash and you can wash both my car and your truck and at the same time.”

I told her “Fine Im not busy, I can meet you there in about 10 minuets”

I was a little suspicious. Jo-Anne usually takes no part in any upkeep on the vehicles, making me take them one at a time to the local self serve car wash. But if she was willing to help out I was all for it.

She met me in the Supper Suds driveway. Rolling down her window she said “I will pull into one of the bays. You pull into the next bay over.”

I watched as she took a bay in the middle. I pulled in the one next to it. Getting out of the truck I walked to the bay she was in.

My mind and body were jolted when I came around the corner and saw my beautiful wife standing there wearing the shortest black skirt I had ever seen her in.

The skirt, which must have been new, barely covered her nicely rounded ass. Her legs looked so incredible that it took me a moment to notice the skirt wasnt all that was out of the ordinary. She was wearing one of my white tank top tee-shirts. As she turned to face me my eyes were riveted to her erect nipples their outline barely visible through the light weight material of her shirt.

Jo-Anne has beautiful tits. I have often tried to convince her that she should wear more reviling tops, letting more men get the enjoyment that comes from looking down a womans shirt. Despite my pleas, until today, she has always worn a bra when going out.

Dating An Exhibitionist Babe

I had never been one for those online dating sites. Spam mail and pop-up add were the bane of my internet existence and they were the leading culprits. In addition, I’m still young, just twenty-two at the time and not in any hurry to get married or even necessarily enter a serious relationship. My roommate at the time, however, was a different story.

Just graduating with a music education degree and being offered a job in the area, he decided to give it a try. A few weeks later he met a beautiful woman who he has since married. After his continues pushing and prodding for me to give it a try, I gave in and filled out a profile. At this point I should note that the chosen site was not one focused on sex, but rather that of developing relationships. For this reason, I filled the profile out completely honestly (probably a rarity on these sites). I even uploaded a few photos of myself playing the saxophone a local bar.

After completing all this I started to browse the local profiles. Now this site allowed you to “wink” to any of the other profiles for free; so I did this. I sent winks to about ten girls. These were girls that the site recommended I try to make contact with. One girl responded with a “wink” within the next day. Her screen name was Angeleyes. After looking at her profile again, I became extremely intrigued. She said she was 5’1 with an average build.

Now I’m not a small guy; I’m 6’3 and have not weighed less then 200 since I was 18. I have, however, always had a thing for short, petit girls. She said she had brown hair and brown eyes. She also stated that she was a history grad student at the local university. Intelligence and the ability to hold a conversation have always been high on my list of requirements for a girl. Naturally, this made me very happy.

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Sexy public sex picnic of Brazilian exhibitionist Rio Mariah

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Rio Mariahs Outdoor sex and latina blowjob babes exhibitionism in public nudity fingering and naked hardcore pounding with voyeur watchers enjoying the sexy picnic

Nude Brazilian babe Rio Mariah goes on a picnic with her lover. It quickly leaves her undressed and horny. She gets fingered. Pampered. Delivers a hot outdoor blowjob to her boyfriend. She finishes off by hardcore sex.

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